Joe Rogan Calls Out the Double-Standards of Will Smith Oscar Drama: “If a Man Walked on Stage & Smacked a Woman… ”

The Oscar fiasco has sparked a lot of dialogues among the individuals in the MMA community. Some took it as a joke and some are breaking it down. The ever-curious Joe Rogan talked about the whole drama on his widely renowned show, Joe Rogan Experience podcast, with a highly thoughtful guest in Josh Barnett.

After showing his displeasure with the handling of the ‘bizarre’ situation, Rogan wondered and said, “How many other human beings could be in a similar situation and pull that off?”

The former UFC heavyweight champion answered, “Not many.”

Rogan continued on his thought and said, “If a man walked on stage and smacked a woman… would not fly. If a woman walked on stage and smacked another woman, I don’t even think it would fly… probably not.”

Even Barnett agreed with Rogan and said, “man smacking a woman… it’s even an ingrained thing like you don’t f**king do that.”

Earlier on the show, Joe Rogan gave his take on Will Smith’s outburst of anger at the 2022 Oscars and suggested Smith was being ‘emotionally fragile.’

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Also, Rogan was not happy with Smith being able to stay at the event even after pulling out the outrageous act. Not only that, Smith even received an award on the night and came to accept it on the stage after the incident with Chris Rock.

Joe Rogan on the difference between a slap and a karate chop

Even before breaking down the Oscar 2022 incident, Rogan has his share of conversations about people slapping each other. One such incident comes when he talked about the ‘Russian Slap Championship’ events.

Rogan, on Joe Rogan Experience #1273 w/Ron Funches, shared how his friend Tom Segura has sent him videos of people slapping each other clean.

Subsequently, he broke down the techniques and suggested that some fighters are using their fingers to slap their opponents, hence losing the full force, and offered they are doing it wrong. Whereas some fighters are using the full swing of the hand and use the bottom part to make it look like a karate chop, which is far more dangerous than the former.

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What do you think of Joe Rogan’s comments about the whole incident and his take involving double standards? Let us know in the comments section.

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