Kerala Assembly Passes Resolution to Call Back Lakshadweep Administrator; Seeks Centre’s Intervention

The Kerala Legislative Assembly has unanimously passed a resolution to call back the administrator of Lakshadweep and sought the Centre’s immediate intervention to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of Lakshadweep.

The Opposition has also supported the resolution and it was passed unanimously.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan while presenting the resolution in the Assembly has said that attempts are being made to implement the “saffron agenda” and “corporate interests” in Lakshadweep.

The CM said, “It began with painting saffron on coconut trees and now it has reached a stage where the livelihood and culture of the people are being affected.”

He added that the administrator is taking steps that are destroying the culture and life of the people.

The CM said, “It’s unheard of in our country that people who have more than two children cannot contest in panchayath elections.”

“We should see the actions in Lakshadweep as a test of Sangh Parivar agenda. Efforts are being made by Sangh Parivar to change the culture, language, way of life, food of people to their convenience. There should be strong resistance against the attempts to enslave society to corporate interests and Hindutva politics.”

The CM said that it is the Centre’s responsibility to ensure that the interests of these people should be protected. The administrator, who is challenging the interests of the people, must be removed and that the Centre must take immediate action to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of Lakshadweep.

The CM said that action has been taken to bring in Goonda Act in a place like Lakshadweep where crimes are very rare.

“This shows that they are ready to deal with protests that erupt out of such measures. The sheds that fishermen used to store boats and nets have been destroyed,” he said.

What the resolution says

The resolution also stated that Lakshadweep and Kerala for centuries have had closed links. People have close deep traditional and social ties. Before the colonisation, several islands of Lakshadweep were under the Arrakal royal family. Till 1956 November 1, Lakshadweep was part of the Malabar district. The language among the people of Lakshadweep is Malayalam. The island is connected to Kerala also for education, health and commerce.

The move to give extraordinary power to those governing Lakshadweep to take over land and property of people has created anxiety among people, the resolution said.

The resolution said that the atrocities being committed on traditions of people is worse than during the colonial rule.

It said that Lakshadweep is under the Central rule and it is the Centre’s responsibility to ensure that the interests of those people should be protected.

Opposition leader V D Satheesan while speaking on the resolution said that Lakshadweep is being turned into a laboratory to test if such draconian laws can be imposed upon people. He added that the democratic systems are thrown into the air. The administrator who is supposed to be guarding the rights of the people is oppressing them instead.

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