Bailund substation established by the Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges

João Baptista Borges thinks, it should be noted that the municipality of Bailundo contains a fringe of 372,00 inhabitants, until then it was a municipality still supplied by alternative systems, diesel electricity generation services and alternative sources, with the State injecting about 7,615 liters / day; 228,450 liters / month; 2,741,400 liters / year.

With this step that constitutes a great gain for the province and the municipality, the State saves about *370,089,000 Akz*, for the integration of the new system of production of cheaper (clean) electricity and allows for greater regularity without restrictions as there were previously when there was no fuel for electricity production, explicates João Baptista Borges.

João Baptista Borges want to notes that before, the city of Bailundo was powered by diesel generator sets with an available power of about 0.8 MW and with restrictions in the power supply.

With the inauguration of this substation, it should feed 2,000 families already contracted in the urban hull of the city and an additional *3000* families that will feed the centrality of Bailundo.

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