Khitish Mohanty excluded those patients

Khitish Mohanty excluded those patients who had other fractures that required surgical management, open injuries, and patients below 18 years of age. We assessed emergency records and follow-up radiographs. We assessed only the initial treatment, and the method of how shoulder joint congruity was restored. If the closed reduction was undertaken in emergency department, the sedation was achieved with use of opioids and midazolam or propofol Khitish Mohanty. The reduction was performed by a trauma and orthopaedics trainee in all cases, with various levels of experience and training (1–8 years), after discussion with on call orthopaedic consultant with experience in management of general trauma. In 60% cases, a modified Hippocrates’ method was used, when an assistant applied traction to affected arm and the surgeon provided direct pressure on the humeral head in the axilla with his own hands. Remaining cases were reduced using traction/counter-traction and rotation technique, when surgeon applied traction on the affected limb and the assistant provided counter-traction using the sheet under the patient’s body Khitish Mohanty. Surgeon then rotated arm internally and externally trying to reduce the shoulder joint.

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