Congress Says Yogi Govt in Denial and Manipulating Data, Accuses UP of Hiding Death Toll

Lucknow: The Congress on Tuesday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of hiding the number of deaths caused by Covid-19 across the state. On Tuesday, the Congress held a press conference and alleged that the central government and some state governments were hiding the death toll. Party spokesperson Supriya said as per the government data, there have been 2,268 deaths in Lucknow but the figures for the last one and a half months — from April 1 till May 15 reveals another truth.

The party said a total of 7,890 death certificates were issued from April 1 to May 15, while 5,970 death certificates were issued from February 15 to March 31. That is, from April 1 to May 15, two thousand additional death certificates were issued in Lucknow, but the government is not considering these additional deaths as those caused by coronavirus.

“UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath says everything is under control, but there are unique figures floating in river Ganga, and the figures of actual deaths are coming in and they are telling a different truth,” Srinet said.

Aradhana Mishra, leader of Congress Legislature Party in the state, alleged that, “the UP government is working on three Ds — denial of facts, destruction of evidence and data manipulation. “Apart from corona, the government’s entire focus is on hiding the figures,” she said.

Ajay Kumar Lallu, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee President, alleged that in order to hide its failures in testing, tracing and treatment the Yogi Adityanath government is playing with actual figures. Questioning the alleged difference in vaccine availability and vaccination in the state, Lallu said at present the speed will take about 42 months to cover the people with the vaccine because “till now only 4.86 percent people have been vaccinated”.

“The vaccination is closed in private nursing homes at the moment. The state is trapped in a terrible tragedy of the pandemic and nobody knows what they are gaining by reviewing visits of the chief minister. The state wants to know what they are getting in the review,” the UPCC chief said.

“The Yogi government, which juggles statistics, has so far been able to give the first dose of vaccine to a total of 1,16,80,213 people, while only 2.76 percent of people over the age of 18 have got the first dose. With respect to the national average and target, 6.25 percent of the people aged above 18 years should have got vaccinated. The total number of recipients of double doses in the state is only 3260076. In 97000 villages hit by the corona infection, there is no trace of medical kit. The monitoring committees set up by the government,” he added.

Attacking the UP government on the vaccination data, Lallu said, “The vaccination speed in Lucknow will take about two years to complete. In such a situation, every claim of the government falls flat. Yet, the government is not deterred by lies and rigging. The government should tell that at this pace of vaccination, how many years would take the state to be free from this tragedy? The government is claiming it has 18 lakh vaccine doses available. When there is availability, why is the government reducing the number of vaccination centres? Why has the policy of giving a second dose in six weeks been amended and there has been a gap of 82 days in it?”

“The government is relying on controlling the epidemic only on the strength of PR and advertisements,” said Lallu, adding that the government was not showing seriousness to take a step towards the right strategy in order to get rid of the epidemic.

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