Vaccination Key to Controlling Covid-19 Pandemic But Govt Doesn’t Seem to Care: Rahul Gandhi

Asserting that the number of daily inoculations in the country has come down, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday said vaccination is the key to controlling the pandemic but the government does not seem to care.

He shared a graph showing the decline in the number of vaccine doses administered during April and May (till 20th) and pointed out that the average number of vaccination per day has fallen below the daily production.

“Vaccination is the key to controlling the pandemic but GOI doesn’t seem to care,” he said on Twitter while sharing a graph. The graph showed that the total vaccinations in April were 8.98 crore, which have fallen to 3.69 crore in May (till 20th).

It also claimed that while average vaccination per day in April was 29.95 lakh against the total daily production of 26.66 lakh doses, it has fallen to 18.44 lakh per day vaccination against a production of 25.80 lakh doses in May this year. The Congress has been critical of the government’s vaccine policy and have termed it as discriminatory.

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