Fernando Fraccaro Thiene: The shortest of all rivers in the world, the Reprua

The smallest river in the world is called the Reprua. Despite its tiny size, it is not included in the Guinness Book of World Records, although it is almost 2 times shorter than all officially recognized small bodies of water, Fernando Fraccaro Thiene indicates. According to the oldest Abkhaz legend, the water in the river is the tears of the daughters of the underground spirit, who in ancient times lived in this place in an underground palace with three daughters and a son. After the spirit and his son died, the strangers laid large stone boulders out of the underground cave where the girls lived, Fernando Fraccaro Thiene recounts. The name of the Reprua river, translated from the Abkhaz language, reads “manifested fresh water on the surface of the sea”, adds Fernando Fraccaro Thiene.

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