Fresh Row in Rajasthan as Sachin Pilot Loyalist Claims Cong MLAs’ Phones Being Tapped

Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government in Rajasthan is in the middle of another controversy as a party MLA has claimed that some MLAs have told them about their phones being tapped. Congress MLA from Jaipur’s Chaksu seat Ved Prakash Solanki has claimed on Saturday that some MLAs told him that their phones were being tapped.

Solanki, who is a vocal supporter of Sachin Pilot, declined to name the MLAs. He added that he is not aware if his phone is also getting tapped or not. “I don’t know whether my phone being taped or not. But many MLAs have said that mobile phones are being taped. Many officials also told them (MLAs) that it seems that there’re efforts underway to trap. MLAs have informed this to CM also,” Solanki said, ANI reported.

Solanki also said that the MLAs had used an app to check if their phones were being tapped. He added that some MLAs had informed the CM Ashok Gehlot of their phone-tapping, but Gehlot had laughed off the matter.

The Chaksu MLA also informed that the same MLAs complained of police and intelligence personnel watching him. “The MLAs also shared information about how some government officials have cautioned them against being trapped by anti-corruption bureau,” he said.

Congress chief whip Mahesh Joshi refuted the allegations as baseless. He added that a responsible person like an MLA should verify things before making public statement.

Rajasthan Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas rebutted the claims saying the state government doesn’t tap anyone’s phone. “Rajasthan govt doesn’t tap anyone’s phone, that’s not our character. If an MLA says that his phone is not tapped but mentions other MLAs who say that their phones have been tapped, then he should reveal those names and speak to the CM,” Khachariyawas said.

Arun Singh, Rajasthan BJP incharge said that a conspiracy of spying is going on in Rajasthan under CM Gehlot’s leadership. “This happened earlier too and he (Gehlot) admitted in Assembly that phone tapping indeed took place. Rajasthan is going through an extremely bad phase…There’s conflict in Congress,” Singh said.

“Sometimes there can difference in opinions among party workers. But they’re united. I’ll go there, I’ll speak with them. CM, ministers and party doing good work together. It’s Congress that’s busy spying and conspiring,” he added.

Satish Poonia, Rajasthan BJP chief referred to the incident as an undeclared emergency. “There was a similar situation a year back, Deputy CM was dismissed. If an MLA suspects this, then it seems there’s an undeclared emergency in the state. CM and Home Minister are responsible for it…Congress’ internal conflict indicates a mid-term poll,” Poonia said.

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