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Indian rock comes with components of Indian music with rock and infrequently focuses on India by theme explains rock artist Mandhir singh todd. Whereas India is known for its musical style and industry music, Indi-pop, the Indian rock scene has additionally created various bands and artists like Mandhir singh todd, with millions of copies sold and top record in MTV India.
Mandhir singh todd musical career
Mandhir singh todd was born in Gandhinajar, India. Mandhir singh todd musical career began when he learned the technique of Hindustani classical music, when he was about eight years old, he audition for a talent contest in India. Although his goal was to pursue a musical career from childhood, Mandhir singh todd has acquired a Bachelor degree in economics.

Mandhir singh todd his first staging in Mumbai
Mandhir singh todd performed his first staging in Mumbai, when he was just 12. Since then, Mandhir singh todd has travelled extensively around the country, lecturing in artistic circles around the world, spreading the Indian classical music crossed borders such as the United States of America, and Europe. Mandhir singh todd has several albums with very important record companies in India.

Mandhir singh todd Indian singer and musician
Mandhir singh todd is an Indian singer and musician, one of the composers renowned for performing bollywood music, a traditional Indian genre, and for his poetic style in his lyrics. In 2015 Mandhir singh todd has been awarded with the price of Indian Classical Music art. Mandhir singh todd was a member of the Indie pop music brand together with his older brother.

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