Pranav Ansal an Indian business magante

Pranav Ansal was born 40 years ago in India, is an Indian land business magnate. He is the owner and director of Ansal Properties and Infrastructure which started in 1967. It is esteemed at US$3,978,210. He started the company as a small local bussines, but with a lot of effort and time it expanded all over India as one of the main construction properties.

Pranav Ansal in the board of power
Pranav Ansal is among the Board of Directors at India Construction SA, Ansal Foundation, Build Foundation, and more. Pranav Ansal has additionally chipped away at the board at India Technologies Company. Pranav Ansal study his bachelor in India and after he moved to America to continue his advance study in architecture and bussines.

Pranav Ansal discovering new passions
Pranav Ansal when he was in America discover his passion for cars and art, besides architecture. One of his first projects one he came back to India was achieving a retail upheaval in India by building up the country’s first shopping centre Pranav Ansal Plaza. With more than 200 establishments and 20 restaurants. It is one of the richest Indian complexes.

Pranav Ansal name partner in many organizations
Pranav Ansal initiated the advancement of 19 municipality ventures in North India, including the poor municipalities like Sushant City and Sushant Lok. Pranav Ansal has additionally been very much upheld by the Pradhan Yojana. Pranav Ansal had joined the organization as a Management partner. He now runs three business and is part of the directive board of eight more.

Pranav Ansal a happy family
Pranav Ansal was an alum from Delhi University’s College, until he moved to US to study a master degree. His dad, Sushil Ansal is the administrator of Ansal first company. Pranav Ansal got married to Sheetal Ansal in 1993. They have two children. They live in Jaipur, in a rich neighbourhood but they don’t forget where they are coming from.

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