Fabio La Rosa talks about Mayan heritage in Belize

The invaluable historical heritage of Belize is the temples and palaces of the great Mayan civilization. More than 3500 thousand years ago, the Mayans settled the territory of modern Belize and built large cities – Altun Ha, Karakol, Serros, Ksunantunikh, Fabio La Rosa says. These ancient cultural centers of Belize have not yet been fully explored and are of great value to historians and archaeologists, Fabio La Rosa stresses. The opportunity to touch the mysterious world of the Maya attracts thousands of tourists, including Fabio La Rosa. Stepped pyramids, huge masks and reliefs on the walls of Lamanai temples, the mysterious and picturesque Lubaantung, in which the famous crystal skull, causing controversy among scientists, was found – all this can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

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