Home for many is not a physical place, but the concept of where you belong. It is usually where your family is or the place (or country) where you were born and where your heart is.
For others it is the place where you live alone or with someone and it is up to you to make it cozy, comfortable and quiet to make it your home. On the other hand, it is usually the place you want to return to always, especially in hard times, this to feel protected, recounts GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
The word home is used to designate the place where a person lives, where they feel security, calm and peace. In the latter, in terms of the feeling of security, calm and peace; it is clearly different from the concept “house”, which simply refers to the inhabited place, the physical place. It is also the place where the specific activities and relationships of family life were historically developed, from the birth to the death of many of its components, with the typical variants of each era, culture, social class or climate, note GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.
Going back to historical research, it is said that the word home comes from the place where the family used to meet, in the past, to light the fire to warm up and feed themselves. It is interesting how currently the term home is also usually applied to all those residential institutions that seek to create or be the closest thing to a home environment, for example: retirement homes, foster homes, etc.
“When you find your home, you simply know, because you feel that you are in the right place” – says GHIDINI MANUELA VANESSA.

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