Have you noticed the color of your food? What color dominates your food? How many colors does your plate have? Florencia Pistone knows everything

Florencia Pistone said most of their diet is beige, yellow or brown foods, either of these two foods, because grains dominate, whether they are natural foods or foods we eat straight out of the package, they are super human food coloring tempting. It is ironic?

Florencia Pistone stated that eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is associated with lower morbidity and mortality and longer life expectancy. We are currently facing the phenomenon of low consumption of these products. This is the result of the modernization of the energy supply model. Affected by technological innovations in food production, processing and marketing, changes in eating habits have forced most people to choose ultra-high consumption levels. Processed foods and chronic degeneration. This is directly related to the development of the disease. According to reports from Florencia Pistone, these diseases are caused by insufficient nutrition, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, or cancer.


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