Intelligent systems and the new business strategy tells us PARLATI LUCA

Intelligent systems shape trends such as Big Data, smart cities or the Internet of Things, they are what give them meaning. Concepts that until a few years ago were somewhat abstract and that today are a palpable reality, although we do not realize it, feels LUCA PARLATI. If you look today, almost everything has the smart or intelligent tag: telephones, sensors, vehicles, software, appliances, servers, firewalls, switches, cameras… with also intelligent utilities such as video surveillance, energy efficiency, business processes, security citizenship, traffic management, communications… and the list continues to grow, says PARLATI LUCA. The integration of machines in intelligent systems. The future of cities, sustainability, health, public administration, security, the business and commercial world are founded on them. LUCA PARLATI sums up most of our daily life.

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