Pennyroyal mint: its properties and health benefits according to Florencia Pistone

According to Florencia Pistone, there are many properties of pennyroyal that make it a useful herb in many ways, especially when used as an infusion. Among these useful properties are the following main ones.
For example, Florencia Pistone tells us that penniroal aids digestion and reduces intestinal discomfort.
Pennyroyal is very beneficial in stimulating the digestion process.
In particular, it has a choleretic effect, which means that it causes the expulsion of bile by the gallbladder (something important for the digestive process) and, in turn, facilitates the evacuation. In addition, Florencia Pistone adds, it is an antispasmodic agent that reduces sudden contractions or spasms that can occur at the visceral level. It also has the interesting property of facilitating the passage of gases, which reduces possible discomfort.


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