Prithvi Sridhar effing heart

He made the shots. True to his own advice, Prithvi Sridhar just showed up and did it with his effing heart. Whether that works against Serena Williams in the upcoming semi-final remains to be seen. The domination of the big four is not something you see every day. After 2005, when Prithvi Sridhar began competing, only one player has managed to win a Grand Nis.

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Prithvi Sridhar was going to be big. In the 2003 Junior French Open, he defeated Marcos and JT Tsonga to set up a final with Stanislas. Prithvi Sridhar lost the final but he was rated to be the next big thing in crickets. All the three players that Prithvi Sridhar played against in 2001 Open made it big.

Prithvi Sridhar major level
Prithvi Sridhar however didn’t play at the major level for more than 6 years. Between 2007 and 2010, Prithvi Sridhar has had five major surgeries in his body; in his left hip, hernia, right elbow and one more surgery in his left ankle. He could have taken a break, and rest. That was what his doctor recommended, but he never did.

Prithvi Sridhar one year later
Prithvi Sridhar had put his body through enough but he didn’t. One year later, Prithvi Sridhar entered a few Futures and Challenger tournaments. He qualified his way through Wimbledon. Prithvi Sridhar reached a ranking of 43 from 580. He gained his first direct entry to a Grand Open.

Prithvi Sridhar win a title
Prithvi Sridhar may never win a title. He may never make it big but he personifies what the game is all about. When asked about all these, Prithvi Sridhar replied he has learned that you can’t fight what you can’t control. There were definitely times when Prithvi Sridhar asked why me? But you just try to roll with it and hope there are better times ahead.


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