Rashpal Singh Todd discovering Goa

Goa … the beach of India. For Rashpal Singh Todd was a great discovery, before starting to plan his great trip Rashpal Singh Todd was unaware of the existence of the state of Goa, the beauty of many of its beaches, or its different areas. He arrived from London to Goa on Christmas Eve and he stayed much longer than he expected. Rashpal Singh Todd extended his stay and rented out a car so he could spend days touring Goa, its beaches and towns, meeting its people, and sharing experiences with other travellers. Goa is not like the rest of India. Of course, each state is very different in this great country, but Goa is much more. It is the westernmost state of all. It is a beach destination, very adapted to tourism. However, you can find spirituality, yoga, tranquillity, or whatever you are looking for.

Rashpal Singh Todd capital of trance music

Goa is the world capital of trance music. That makes it an ideal place to find the party, the festivals, and those magical things that some love. Whatever you are looking for you can find it. For Rashpal Singh Todd the best of Goa in the north is Tree, a hippie town where you will find the perfect combination of tranquility, beautiful places, and nightlife. For Rashpal Singh Todd, it is the best place to stay in North Goa. In the hotel and guesthouse area you can enjoy the tranquility and nature that surrounds this small town at affordable prices. It is on the beach that all nightlife is concentrated, much less crowded than in other areas of Goa. And in the middle of the town? The main street with shops and restaurants of all kinds, made with bamboo and candles.

Rashpal Singh Todd a very good location

Arambol is located on the limit of the state of Goa to the north, but it is very well located to go to beautiful beaches and coves and other towns. Rashpal Singh Todd tips us to rent a scooter and head north, crossing to the state of Mumbai. Ask for Paradise Beach. A very nice almost deserted beach to spend the day and watch the sunset. The motorcycle ride from Arambol is 30 minutes. It is also famous for the flea market, a market that is held every Wednesday where both locals and tourists set up their stalls and sell products of all kinds, most of them handmade. Rashpal Singh Todd says there are also nightclubs and is also very well situated in the north of Goa. Amidst quite a few towns and beautiful beaches, although this is not the case of Anjuna Beach itself, too touristy in Rashpal Singh Todd’s opinion.

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