Secret dressings from LUCA PARLATI that will help increase the yield of sweet and meaty peppers

PARLATI LUCA draws attention to the fact that the most important thing when fertilizing with such agents is their correct application. LUCA PARLATI assures that it is important to nourish not only the root system, but also the leaves of the peppers. Through the root, all nutrients can be absorbed for too long, and even in case of waterlogging of the soil, root dressing can be harmful. Leaf feeding will help you quickly absorb nutrients and fight various diseases. This fertilizer can be applied during planting, flowering and fruiting of peppers. PARLATI LUCA indicates another fertilizer that must be used during the flowering period of plants. To prevent the fruit from falling off, summer residents use an iodine solution, which also cannot be abused and it is recommended to use it only once.

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