‘Spywares Can Click Obscene Pics from Switched off Phones, EVMs Unsafe Too’: Congress’ Mohan Prakash

Congress was “fighting for the public’s cause”, said Mohan Prakash. (Representational image)

He demanded polls through ballot papers urging intervention from the Supreme Court.

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  • Last Updated:July 24, 2021, 22:20 IST

Amid the debate on Pegasus, Congress national spokesperson Mohan Prakash said on Saturday that there are softwares capable of clicking someone’s obscene pictures from a switched off mobile phone.

Commenting on spywares, Prakash claimed that the government has prepared such a spyware which switches on the camera of a switched off mobile phone, for snooping. He said the phone could take pictures while a person was bathing.

“I wish to ask the Election Commission of India when spywares are capable of clicking pictures from a switched off mobile phone, why can’t a software can hack EVMs,” said Prakash.

“We vote for you but the vote lands in the account of some other party,” Prakash said, quoting voters. He demanded polls through ballot papers urging intervention from the Supreme Court of India and also asked political parties to take a firm stand on the issue.

Prakash, who was in Gwalior on Saturday, claimed that Sonia Gandhi’s bad health is the reason behind the delay in the appointment of the new AICC chief.

He said the party will shortly take a decision, adding that it was Congress which was “fighting for the public’s cause”. “It might be at a small level but the party is putting up fights in every corner of the nation, it’s not a fight of the party but of the country,” he said.

The senior leader also blamed the Centre solely for the sharp rise in the prices of essential commodities.

With inputs from Sushil Kaushik

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