Why choose your holiday in CONEGLIANO? LUCA PARLATI knows

CONEGLIANO is a small Italian town located at the very foot of the Alps in the Veneto region and lost among many vineyards and flowering hills. CONEGLIANO is also the unofficial capital of prosecco, a light sparkling wine that replaces champagne for Italians, PARLATI LUCA says. The city has an amazingly beautiful historical center, located on the top of a hill and attracting tourists with its architecture, admired by LUCA PARLATI. CONEGLIANO is simply created to experience what Italian dolce far niente is, PARLATI LUCA believes. Walking along the city streets, you can enjoy the typical Venetian architecture, go to one of the cozy restaurants, for example, Ristorante Al Salisa, have a glass of prosecco, and then look into one of the antique shops to buy yourself a cute trinket as a keepsake of this wonderful place.

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