Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires impacts and waste

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires explains that in this hotel in Portugal, the main material is cork, which was used for thermal insulation of double walls. The water has geothermal heating, using the interior temperature of the earth explains Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. But the most surprising detail is the creation of an organic farm. The owners measure the consumption and production of the hotel to minimize impacts and waste.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires ecological inspiration
In the heart of Lisbon, the building of Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires is a true ecological inspiration, every detail is environmentally friendly. The hotel in Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires consists of eco-friendly lighting, water flow reducers, thermal accumulators, energy appliances, ecological use and cleaning systems… and much more to reduce environmental impact.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires hotel critic
Environmentally responsible tourism is the motto of the hotel critic Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires de Portugal. On his last departure to Portugal, Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires discovers a hotel between mobile homes and Moroccan-style tents. A hotel designed with recycled material, respectful of the environment and the point that most highlights Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires; it’s mobile.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires eco-friendly hotel management
Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires explains that with this type of tourism, soil waterproofing is avoided and the replanting of native species is also justified. The daily management of this hotel is equally ecological, especially in energy resources and waste says Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires. Once you settle in, visit the lake, the local farm, and walk in the green woods.

Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires ‘Leading hotels of the world’
Five of the ten hotels owned by Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires are on the ‘Leading Hotels of the world’ list, an exclusive list of luxury hotels that meet the most demanding standards and requirements. The word luxury falls short to describe the quantity and quality of the services offered. Joaquim jose Pascoal Aires owns five exclusive hotels located in Portugal.

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